I don’t get it…

Last Knit night at TYL, I overheard one knitter ask another if she read The Panopticon and described it as a blog of a man (who knits) in Chicago.  There was a brief pause and she continued “He has an imaginary sheep roommate named Delores.”

I was intrigued.

 Since then I glanced at the most recent entries, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and decided that it was fun reading for those times at work when I wanted to escape periodically, rather than kill everyone in the building.  So I started reading the archives.

 Franklin is insightful, entertaining, and irreverent, all qualities I enjoy in my reading.  Lovely.  To say I have been devouring his blog is a wee bit of an understatement. 

Today I started reading the archives for April of 2006.  This is apparently when Delores entered the picture.  I have nothing against imaginary friends, and frankly I was jealous of children who had them.  I was an only child after all, and I think I would have enjoyed having an imaginary friend.  But I totally didn’t see it coming. 

One day, no Delores.  The next – all Delores all the time.

It’s enjoyable I suppose, I am still reading like there’s no tomorrow.  But I wonder what brought Delores on.  I considered emailing Franklin and asking him outright.  But I’m a little scared of receiving one of his absolutely scathing replies.  I would cower and possibly change my blog name/hosting service out of mortification.

I suppose it’s my psychology/sociology backround rearing it’s ugly head, but I want to know what happened to make Delores, an imaginary sheep roommate, become a permanent blog fixture. 


~ by Brandy on August 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “I don’t get it…”

  1. Ummmm. That’s hilarious.

  2. I’ve read him infrequently. I like his little drawings — always clever. Do you really think he’d send you a scathing reply?

  3. you have me hooked. i’m in love with delores and laughed for hours last night!

  4. Oh, but it’s quite a simple answer, really.

    I write what amuses me. I wrote one Dolores story, and it was fun. So I wrote more. These days, there are fewer Dolores appearances because at present she isn’t at the top of the list of what amuses
    me. And so it goes. There are no rules in blogging, of course. But I do know that if I don’t write to make myself laugh, nobody else will laugh, either. And I like to make people laugh. Otherwise I’d write in a private notebook and not on the Internet.

    In short, Dolores shows up a lot when I think funny things about her; and shows up less when I don’t.

    Does that make sense?

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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