Oh Lordy…

I’m sure any knitter that’s been in the blogosphere for any amount of time knows that Laurie (Crazy Aunt Purl) has a weakness for infomercials. I share this weakness, it gets pretty bad It’s the worst for fitness equipment. On days I take off from work (and still wake up early… curses) I usually plop myself down on the couch for breakfast coffee and a chance to watch my nerdy Star Trek shows in peace (Love me some Star Trek). Usually when I turn on the TV this early it’s on a channel with an infomercial because TIVO was recording something on the channel earlier… what? I have no idea. I think TIVO is in bed with the infomercial people. Anyway…

This morning, I plop myself down, turn on the TV and I see what looks like a freestanding ballet bar and beautifully sculpted women beside it. It’s already too late for me – save yourself.

The infomercial is for a product that will increase strength and flexibility (and help you to lose weight). I will not name it here as I do not wish to be free advertisement for an already envy and desire inducing infomercial which was conceived undoubtedly by some of the best marketing geniuses around.

Losing weight is not the draw for me, not nearly as much as helping to get me bendy again. I liked being bendy. And If I happen to slim down more with it so be it. Truth be told, I would like to slim down more, but after going to the gym 4-5 times per week for 2 years, varying the routine so my body doesn’t get “bored and complacent” and generally kicking my own ass, I have lost 4 pounds. I get it. I am supposed to be this size/weight. But bendy is something I haven’t been since I was 10 when I was in jazz and ballet, and for a small stint when I was actually able to go to the pilates classes at my gym before they made them totally inconvenient times.

$200 later, I have one of these bendy-makers winging it’s way to my door in about 7 business days… and what do you think my biggest concern is? Not that I’ve wasted money that could have gone towards the wedding. It’s that Bret will look at me in that “you are a victim to clever marketing and therefore very gullible” way.

Then I’ll have to explain the bendy thing to him and “Honey, won’t it be nice when I’m bendy?? *wink wink*”


~ by Brandy on August 7, 2007.

One Response to “Oh Lordy…”

  1. Love me some Star Trek, too. There’s a Star Trek group on Ravelry, in fact — “Ravel Trek”. Come join us….

    Bendy — that’s all you have to say to your fiance. He’ll not object or say another word.

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