On various topics of interest…

What is this second job?

Way back in April, when the end of my temporary position with Workers’ Comp was immenent, I decided to explore an all new profession.  One which I have been told, unsolicited, on many occassions, that I would be perfect for.  The glamorous (?) fun (!) semi-exotic profession of Realtor.  My obsession with houses/homes and really anything to do with them is a hobby which I normally spent an inordinate amount of time on anyway.  I went on the interviews, I took the class, and I passed the licensing exam.  Overall a rather enjoyable experience.  And as of July 20th, I was officially signed up with a RE/MAX office with an amazing broker and a very nice staff of people.  It is indeed one of the top producing offices in the Richmond area.  I don’t think I would have been as welcome if I wasn’t personally recommended by one of the brokers friends.  It’s good to have connections.

So, if you’re in the Central Virginia Area and know of someone who wants to buy or sell a house, spread the word!  How could you do better than a knitting Realtor?  I’d be good.  The evidence?  Knitters are good people.

 Any new wedding plans?

We booked the florist – I am so excited to be working with him.  He’s innovative, he understands my likes and dislikes, very professional and best of all… reasonably priced.  I’ve also gotten together with one of my bridesmaids, a graphic designer, and she will probably be designing my wedding invites!  Yay!

Where did all the knitting go?

I am actively working on 3 projects.  A big difference from 2 months ago when I was a knitting monogamist.   I am still working on the seamless hybrid for Bret (still on sleeve one… bored). 

Although you haven’t seen any pictures of the Baby Surprise Jacket, I have started the increases.  I am increasingly skeptical that this will ever look like a sweater of any sort.  Yet, I continue. 

I did start that matching Shedir for myself.  It’s the same yarn, it’s the same needles.  It doesn’t look right.  It’s on time-out until next week. 

I’m going to try to do Eye Candy Friday this week.  I’ll be looking through pictures during lunch and/or taking pictures.


~ by Brandy on August 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “On various topics of interest…”

  1. Ah, a realtor — good for you! You’ll probably excel at that. I may be looking to move to a bigger place within the next year, maybe….

  2. Thanks!,

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