Any day now…

So… I am obsessively checking on my place in line at Ravelry.

Apparently they’re inviting about 1200 people per week, according to the blog.

There are 605 people in front of me.

 There are a lot of people behind me: 14,052.


 I wish I had been the genius with the know-how to come up with this.

I also wish I had signed up sooner. I resisted. I chose poorly. 

I need to build a lightbox and start taking the pictures.

I am way too busy for this, but I think that I will probably make the choice to prioritize Ravelry to some extent once I receive my invite.  After all, when working 2 jobs, (one you hate where you spend most of your waking hours during the week, and one you love but are not settled in yet and have to squeeze in time for) a girl must have some kind of diversion to keep from losing her mind. 


~ by Brandy on August 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Any day now…”

  1. So what is this second job?

    I saw a great suggestion for a dirt-cheap lightbox. If you have a large Igloo (or whatever brand) cooler, just remove the lid (if possible), stand it on one end or side, place your object inside, and the white insides of the cooler will bounce your flash nicely.

  2. Yes, rationing your Ravelry time is important or you sit at the computer all day, never having gotten up to shower, eat, do chores, pet the dog, go to the bathroom.

    What’a a lightbox? Will it make my picture taking less frustrating?

    Good luck on getting in! And when you do – look me up! Tana

  3. Be prepared to kiss your day away!!! When you get your invite!!! I LOVE that site!!!

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