Mmm, My to-do list is about to grow exponentially.

The Interweave Fall Preview is up…  (I got all of the photo’s from over there)

I want to do Hedgrow….

And Dickinson…

And Tangled Yoke…

Maybe Concentric (If I could just see a bigger picture!)

And the Tilted Duster…

The Minimalist Cardigan…

And the Cinnibar Pullover…

The Cobblestone Pullover…

And the Snowflake socks…

 Oh and the Mirepoix Bodice (but in a tank, not a sweater)…

That’s not too much right?

How long do you suppose all of that will take?


~ by Brandy on July 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “Plans”

  1. Well, you’re a fast knitter, so you’ll crank some of this stuff out, I’m sure!

  2. This is by far the best IK magazine in the last year! I love that top one. Ooooh. So pretty!

  3. Mary’s right — you are a fast knitter….

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