Bret’s Shedir: FO

Bret’s Shedir 

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I was rummaging through a drawer in the living room and found an old neglected project. A project that dated back to the first 6 months of my knitting life. I had purchased this beautiful tweed yarn from my LYS and had intended a scarf. Really.
I know better now. As soon as I saw the tweed sitting there, half on the needles, it was like it yelled “SHEDIR.” So I cast on immediately.
It totally drew my attention away from other projects and It came out beautifully.
I did have to frog it once, about 15 rows around the brim once I realized that the cast on stitches called for were making a hat fit for a head the size of Hagrid’s. Yesterday morning I grabbed a pair of DPN’s from Ben Franklin Crafts and after much obsessive knitting, and much prancing around the house with a half finished spiky thing on my head, It turned out a perfect fit. But I decided the color was just right for Bret. I am seriously considering making a matching purple one for myself. I have the yarn and eveything. AND I know that taking out an additional 2 cable sections will still fit me quite nicely, and perhaps even allow for me only having 1 ball of the yarn.
*Consider me scheming*

~ by Brandy on July 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Bret’s Shedir: FO”

  1. Very nice! And I admire his security in his masculinity to wear a pattern originally designed for women. (Shhhhhh. Don’t tell him.)

    That pattern is on my to-do list.

  2. This is VERY nice!!!!!!

  3. you have to stop knitting so fast. you’re making the rest of us look bad :)…just kidding. you’re awesome and thanks for your post on my blog! we haven’t fully decided about the move thing and may decide to stick around. we may still sell the house though so i’ll let you know!

    i love this hat! which pattern did you use? it’s beautiful!

  4. The Shedir is great! I really like it with the tweedy yarn.

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