WIPS and The Tale of the Slow-Going Knitter.

Ok, maybe I’m not so “slow-going.” But I certainly feel that way, especially since a sweater torso done in stockinette just makes progress seem impossible/invisible/hopeless. 

I measure inches completed versus time worked, it’s the only thing that keeps me moving.  That and the fact that I don’t have to keep looking at the darn thing while I work on it.  If it was some kind of intricate lacy pattern or cabled design, I wouldn’t be bored.  Well,  not bored really, just waiting for the next important step.  I’ve done about 15 inches on the EZ Seamless Hybrid for Bret.  (I got the ring… knitting for the man is not scary anymore).  I think another inch and I’ll be ready to start on the sleeves. 

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the exasperation with sleeves that many people do.  I think they move relatively quickly.  And since they are smaller I take them everywhere and work on them all the time.  Plus I am very motivated to finish them up pretty quickly since I am excited to get to that saddle shoulder.  New techniques are so exciting!

 Also – I’ve begun a Baby Surprise Jacket- I don’t know that I agree with everyone that this is so much fun.  I am really disliking the long long rows… I may think differently when it startes to look like an amoeba.  I am a bit skeptical that something that is basically knit flat will turn into a jacket- but apparently everyone is skeptical their first time.   I’m totally waiting for the “ooooooh, aaaahhhhhhh!” moment.  At which point I’m convinced I’ll become a total BSJ convert and an EZ fanatic ever after.


~ by Brandy on July 20, 2007.

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