Matchy Matchy

Saartje’s Booties (5)Originally uploaded by brandy.wolfeI joined the Bootie Train~And boy that is one good ride. Those booties knit up so fast and they are so cute, they just make me sick. In that warm fuzzy way of course. If the colorway looks familiar it’s because I used leftoer yarn from my recent STR socks. While I really liked the STR pattern, I had to post this first because…
LOOK at them… how could I not??
I know it’s hard to photograph you own feet, but even if Annie Leibovitz was heading up the foot photoshoot, they still wouldn’t be as cute as these booties.So, details:
Pattern: Saartje’s Booties
Source: First spotted on BrooklynTweed who linked over
Yarn: STR lightweight
Color: Firebird
Needles: size 1 circ
Buttons: teensy weensy mother of pearl 2 hole buttons

And now the actual intended use of this yarn:
Socks that Rock : Solstice Slip Socks

Pattern: Solstice Slip
Source: Blue Moon Fiber Arts – Socks That Rock Club pattern
Yarn: STR lightweight
Color: Firebird
Needles: size 1 circs

And possible the bestest thing about this set of finished objects? Mommy and baby matching.

Now, I just need the baby.


~ by Brandy on July 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Matchy Matchy”

  1. hey — slow down girlie! knittin’ booties before you’ve walked down the aisle?! what’s on YOUR mind, I wonder??? 😉

    Seriously, they are adorable, and the socks are lovely.

  2. So I log into Bloglines and I’m click click clickin’ away and come to your blog and click and I make this sound: sucking in breath, holding it, holding it, then, “Ohhhhhhh.” That, in case you are wondering, is a compliment. I love those booties. Love them. LUV them.

  3. Nice! The booties are super cute, and your socks are lovely!

  4. i love these! i saw this pattern on brooklyn tweed and added it to the list too. you’re so inspiring as you get stuff done so quickly!

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