Susan has tagged me for a meme… Woopee!

4 Jobs I have had in my life
– I worked at Victoria’s Secret for almost 2 years.  As the Stock room manager I got to see all the new pretty things before anyone else!  The discount didn’t hurt either
– I worked at 2 different furniture stores, one for 4 months the other for about 8 months.  I got to furnish my house for pretty good prices and I got to decorate other people’s houses.  But it really didn’t pay well at all.
– I had an internship in the Ombudsman’s office at the Worker’s Comp Commission.  It was fun.  I did so well they ended up paying me.
– This eventually led to a pretty good job in the same department.  It’s no longer fun and I can’t wait for the time when I can leave this place.  It’s crushing my soul, seriously.

4 films I can watch again and again
-Fight Club
-The Goonies
-Arsenic & Old Lace
-Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version)

4 places I have lived
– Arlington,Virgina – born and raised
– Rhodes Hall dormitory – VCU (that was fun)
– My very first apartment (also in Richmond) 2 bedroom apt for my boyfriend at the time and myself… somehow we had a person in the 2nd bedroom and a friend on the couch by the end of that year.  We were a bit cramped.
– Purchased my first home 4 years ago (less than a mile from my first apt)

4 TV series I watch
-Grey’s Anatomy
-CSI (Vegas only…)
-Man vs. Wild  (I have a not so secret crush on Bear Grylls – sometimes you get to see his butt)
-Everyday Italian

4 places I have been on holiday
-Paris – not really a fan
-Italy – twice, and planning on going back for the honeymoon!
-Philippines- pretty, but kind of depressing.
-Spain – absolutely gorgeous, it’ll always have a very special place in my heart

4 things I do every time I go on the Net
-check my email
-check the blogs
-catch up on the latest celeb gossip
-look at yarn – I actually had to think about this one for a little, but it’s true.

4 things I would NOT eat for anything in the world
– This is especially tough, as I will try almost anything once.
– I probably will not eat any kind of brains
– tongue doesn’t sound particularly appealing
– ummmmm, geoduck? It looks really gross.  Wiki it. OK I probably would try this…

4 places I would love to be right now
– anywhere in Europe
– The Bahamas
– on Safari
– at home knitting!

4 people to tag
– Ann K.


~ by Brandy on July 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Tagged!”

  1. Eek,, ok, tomorrow will be I got tagged day,, this is my second one

  2. I was born in Arlington, too — at Arlington Hospital. Lived in Falls Church the first 6½ years of my life.

  3. Okay, I don’t know what protocol is – I answered this meme already on my blog – should I repost it or link to it? http://constantevolution.wordpress.com/2007/06/07/meme-tag/
    Oh the intricate webbings of polite blogging! What to do? What to do ???

  4. Okay, I just reposted it. I know, I stressed for no reason.

  5. LOL! I’m it… I’ll work on this over the next couple of days.. 🙂 Thanks for including me!

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