Indigo Ripples FO

Long View Indigo RipplesOriginally uploaded by brandy.wolfe

Is this what you came to see?
Isn’t it just lovely? Not quite the indigo you were expecting is it?

Please excuse the blurry picture, Bret is not so much a camera guy and I am in serious need of a tripod.

My project Details:
Pattern: Indigo Ripples Skirt
Source: Interweave Knits Spring ’07
yarn: Rowan Cotton Denim
Needles: size 6 circ 24″ and 32″
-started with 220 st CO to sit at hip instead of the waist
-did double increases on each side rather than the single increases in 4 places that patt called for… because that just didn’t make sense to me.
– worked solid stockinette portion for 14.5 inches instead of 12.5 called for (for modesty)

It took a full day more than I thought it would because I was totally oblivious to the fact that the ruffled edge would be a pain in my ass. So, there’s about 240 stitches around for most of the skirt, then, you double it to start the ruffle. Then you double that on the last round/bind off edge, taking you to around 1000 stitches!! It took ALL day to bind that sucker off.

It was so worth it.


~ by Brandy on July 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Indigo Ripples FO”

  1. Brandy, it’s gorgeous. You continue to amaze me with the quality of your FOs. Good for you! And you’re so BRAVE! Not only knitting a skirt, but a WHITE skirt. But you’ve got the cute figure to pull it off — it looks great on you! 🙂

  2. So cute! I agree with everything Mary said. 🙂

  3. this came out so beautiful

  4. Wow! Mary is totally right — your “indigo” ripples skirt is completely gorgeous on you! Beautiful job (and I am in full agreement that the crazy bind off was worth it). I am so going to have to make a skirt someday…

  5. Yay! i love this! can’t wait to see it in person – bring it to the next knit night! i too was hoping to make this skirt. thanks for the tip about the ruffle edge!

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