Josephine Top

Josephine Top

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I did it in the small size, because the measurements seemed to be best for me, and after a day of wear I almost think I could have gone with the x-small.  And I am NOT a small girl.  But it was probably due to the different yarn and ever-so-slightly different gauge. (I swatched 2 times I swear!)What can I say, I was super excited by this top and finished it in about 15 days. I fully intend to wear it as often as humanly possible since it looks fantastic with jeans and has the light airy summery quality I was going for. I am seriously considering making this again BUT modifying it to be longer, maybe even dress length. Of course there would have to be some sort of slip dress under it, but how cute!


~ by Brandy on June 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Josephine Top”

  1. this came out very cute indeed

  2. That’s gorgeous and I was thinking about knitting that up too – now I will definitely have to do that! So cute and yes yes yes I think it’d make a super cute dress. What a good idea! How cool that you have the same birthday as Margaret Atwood. One of my favorite writers.

  3. Very pretty — it looks great on you! I agree, Josephine would make a nice dress…

  4. I love this!!! I too sure of it when I saw it on the model in the magazine but you look fantastic in it.

  5. Brandy, that top is just gorgeous. Kudos!

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