The Verdict Is In!

With a little help from my handsome assistant, the blogiversary contest winners have been drawn! Truly, Bret was very excited about it and took his role very seriously.  And you know there was no favoritism shown around here since not a single person from Richmond was picked! Which means I have to brave the post office: my least favorite place in the whole world.

**Drumroll please…****

 The fourth place winner in Brandy’s Blogiversary Contest is……

4th Place      DEB WHITE of Not Pretty to Watch

Coming in at 3rd place, a brand spankin new reader (I think…) is….

1st place     TANA of Constant Evolution!

A very special 2nd place goes to the very special and talented…

3rd place      NELL of Octopus Knits!

And the super duper special Grand Prize winner is….

2nd place    The most fashionable FASSHONABURU there is! She is also a non-knitter, so the three other winners still get a chance at all the knitty goodness…

This was fun

Bret thought this was great fun and was very pleased to be a part of the knitting excitement for once.

Congrats to all the winners!  I will contact you in the order of your win from grand prize to 4th place with the prizes you have to choose from. 

~ by Brandy on June 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Verdict Is In!”

  1. To quote Jay McCarrol from Project Runway, “I’m a wiener!” Yea!!! I love to win! Thank you so much. PS – I love the photographic proof of fairness.

  2. Woohoo! Me, too! thanks for picking my name, Bret! (Nice hat!)

  3. Yay me! I >heart

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