Just 3 days left!

I’ve tallied up the entries and there are 28 entries total! That’s from only 7 people entering!  7 people?  4 prizes?  Those are some good numbers right there.  That’s right… 4 PRIZES. 

I am just gonna throw in that 4th prize as an honorable mention type deal.  EVERYTHING MUST GO! ahahahahaha.

 Just to recap:

The prizes are (in no particular order):

  1. The most recent Socks that Rock club yarn and the matching pattern to go with it! This is a big one for you sock knitters.  The yarn is called “Silkie” which is a BRAND NEW STR yarn in a BRAND NEW colorway called “Walk on the Wild Tide”.  With a never before distributed Pattern: “Knee High to a Grasshopper”
  2. Monkey socks! As knitted by me~ and previously seen on the blog (in the last post actually)
  3. 4 hanks of recycled silk yarn.  Super sturdy, very pretty, an overall winner.  Sure it’s novelty, but it is novelty for CHARITY. And you can make this with it.
  4. $10 giftcard to Amazon.com: so you can by Crazy Aunt Purl’s book, one of the Harlot’s books, or anything else your heart desires!

In case you still wanted to enter (I know about 70 of you came around yesterday…) Click here to read the questions… Don’t forget I have  a search feature on the blog!  It’s in the upper right corner. Use it wisely…

Happy Hunting!


~ by Brandy on June 13, 2007.

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