How Starbucks saved my knitting! Part 2

On a day, very much like today, a knitter, me, sat at her desk and knitted.  This is her desk at work mind you, and not her home office – we’re talking illicit knitting people.  (I admit I have a problem) Anyhoo… I was knitting around and around on Hourglass: revisited.  And looked down expecting my little stitch marker to be there.  It was nothing special, this little stitch marker, just a loop of yarn in a contrast color.  Not the best stitch marker one could use, but It was serving it’s purpose. 

Or rather, it had served it’s purpose until then.  It was gone!  I suppose I could have attempted to knit on without it, but that would have required concentration, attentiveness and other such things I am not able to give my knitting at work.  (Especially since I am knitting under my desk, not looking at what I’m doing, ready to drop it all on the floor at the mere glimpse of my boss).  I had no other yarns with which to make another stitch marker and so I frantically searched my purse (knitting tote… it has taken over full time duty) and my work desk (hateful tool of knitting oppression) for something to be used as a stitch marker. 

Well… you remember that little 4 inch straw that I got from the oh-so-helpful Starbucks Barista’s? I pulled that out of my bag, looked at it for a moment and I had my “Aha!” moment.

I grabbed my scissors and started snipping off the end of the straw, and Viola! Little round plastic stitch markers, perhaps not as sturdy as some you can buy, but free and certainly easily used in a pinch.  And a bright green contrasting color!

I now have a collection of them, and am currently using them on 2 projects.  I have stocked up on Starbucks straws and have a collection in both my work desk and my stash room. 

That dear knitters, is the story of how Starbucks saved my knitting, not once, but two times!


~ by Brandy on June 5, 2007.

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