How Starbucks saved my knitting! Part 1

Once upon a time, in a Starbucks not so far away, there was a knitter. This knitter, using the tools of her trade, was attempting to knit a guage swatch. Hateful little things.
The misery of swatching had been dulled by her glorious cashmere, silk and wool blend yarn. The tiny, almost inaudible clinks of her Addi turbos steadily measured her progress. As she neared the end of her task she searched absent-mindedly through her enourmous tote bag for her trusty tape measure. As she continued her search her hand began to move more frantically within the depths of the bag. Finally, the knitter could be seen with her head almost completely hidden within the bag! It was missing! Her trusty tape measure proved to be a treacherous traitor to her craft!
To the great amusement of her companions, she began to question each of them in turn: “Do you have a tape measure? How about a credit card? How long is a credit card? You’re a boy! Where are your tools? Why doesn’t anyone have a tape measure?” Her need to measure her swatch was great! She had to finish it so that she could cast-on for the sweater she coveted. There should have been no delays! The plan had been set! How ever could this problem be resolved?
The knitter thought about her dilemma. She decided that in an establishment so tuned to the needs of a consumer she could surely locate some device with which she could measure. So she asked her trusty Baristas, the purveyors of such pleasurable purler’s potions: “Do you have anything I can measure with? It only needs to be 4 inches long! Anything at all?” To this quite odd request they replied: “A tape measure? No. But we have these small straws, I believe that they are about 4 inches long. Would you like one?” The knitter nodded her head and accepted their help, happy to have completed her mission.
Back to her table, she bounded with glee. She measured her swatch and with a small *Squee!* she proclaimed to her friends, “My gauge is spot on!”
They looked at her oddly, because they didn’t know what she meant. They went on about their business, just as she expected. But the knitter was happy because she knew her duty was done. She had been a “good” knitter and now the fun could begin!

…Stay tuned for “How Starbucks saved my knitting! Part 2”


~ by Brandy on May 30, 2007.

One Response to “How Starbucks saved my knitting! Part 1”

  1. Your sweater is wonferful and you look stunning in it. Great job, gir.!

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