Done and Done

Monkeys?  Check

Sleeve 1 for Hourglass: Part II? Check (I got the backordered needles btw)

Did I mention I finished the Phyllo Yoked Pullover? Well Check on that… blocked and all, worn many times now.

But I haven’t started the Josephine top yet.  Not out of lack of desire, I want to more than ever!  The Yarn!  It taunts me so!  Oh my sweet sweet yarn, you will be a beautiful shirt soon! SOON! Next week I’ll work on you. Promise!

But I just can’t seem to start anything right now.  I have a case of finish-itis!  You know how ya’ll have start-itis?  I just want to finish things right now.  I made almost an entire hourglass sleeve yesterday! I am knitting like a knitter possessed! I expect the Hourglass will be done by Friday!  That is so soon!

I knit at work

I knit at Starbucks

I knit for the 2 spare minutes I have before I leave for work

I knit at restaurants

I knit at parties

People think I am sick if I don’t have my knitting.  They get very concerned! It’s quite humorous.

Pictures up after work!


~ by Brandy on May 22, 2007.

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