I’m keeping up!

In regards to the 52 pair plunge…

I have completed one pair of socks… Trekking XXL rib and cable anklet socks… a bit higher than ankle socks.  Cute. I have to take pictures, and I would have already except for those horrible computer issues. Grrrrr.

I am working on a pair of ruffled baby socks in leftover sock yarn. I am not so good with the ruffle… I hope this time works better, since I tried it 3 times last night only to be ripped out….we shall see.  I am sure I can finish them in the next 2 days to be on track for the 52 though.  

My delay in finishing these was because I needed a bit of a break before starting another pair of socks… it seems that’s all I’ve been knitting! Socks here, socks there, socks every-freekin-where!  so I simultaneously ended and began a new project.  Some cute phyllo something or other named shirt in Knitting Nature… And again, since I’m at work.. no pictures until later.  I am using the yarn I had been using for the Spiral Cable Pullover (also from Knitting Nature).  I had no desire to finish that at last encounter so I had put it all away.  Yarn diet required me to find something in stash for the shirt and there was the lovely Classite Elite Silk Bamboo.  Definitely a more summery yarn than wintery, so the summer shirt won out! This, I am excited for.

~ by Brandy on April 12, 2007.

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