Another setback

I really really was going to post the chart last night but not only has my internet been on the fritz, the computer pooped out too.  And I mean it really pooped out. It would turn on, but nothing came up on the monitor (it was plugged in and on…) and it made this horrible beeping noise every 5 seconds or so.  I just left the room and decided to let Bret handle the situation. 

When he couldn’t come up with anything, we started to panic.  Well not really, just to the point where we felt incredibly disconnected and began calling people to see what was going on and making sure they hadn’t emailed us.  I feel silly about this now.  When was the last time you had no access to the internet?  Scary stuff…

Anyhoo: we figured that it was fixable but we aren’t so much concerned about that since the thing was almost 5 years old anyway (talk about obsolete)  HAHAA… how spoiled are we??  No really, it had been giving us problems for a couple months and we were really only hoping it would hold out til the end of the school year.  Alas, we are not that lucky.

Now we have a new computer!  Fun!  but this means I have no more saved images of the chart, I will be making another one by the end of the weekend I swear. I SWEAR! 


~ by Brandy on April 7, 2007.

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