Black Purl Sock Pattern

My Black Purl Pattern has been requested by a knitter.


 Now I’m going back over it and trying to refine it so I can share it with her and the world.  I am realizing I am insane.  This pattern makes total sense to me, but I know for SURE that anyone else would be totally lost.

-I worked it on 2 circs, fine. 

-I constantly moved the work around on the needles to position it as was easiest for me to work it… hmmm, a bit more difficult to descripe that.

– I threw in a 3rd circ when I started doing the foot decreases so it would be easiest for me to keep track of where the decreases went without using stitch markers … what the hell? How in the world do I write that out in a pattern? Should I even include that, or should I write it including where the stitch markers would go? Should I try to re-wirte it for standard DPNs?

-my chart?  Pretty.  Functional for anyone else as it is? Not so much.  On the computer?  Not at all.

I am trying to work on this as fast as I can since the requesting knitter is on a bit of a time frame.  I hope my crazy is salvagable. I hope my crazy actually works and I don’t forget something in the pattern that’s super important.


~ by Brandy on April 5, 2007.

One Response to “Black Purl Sock Pattern”

  1. Well, those socks are just adorable! I would think that a person could take any basic sock pattern and just work the chart into the leg, don’t you think? So maybe you should focus on the chart?

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