No, not the knitted kind.  But they are certainly related.  One of my secret pals (WOoHoohOHO SP7!) has started a shop on Etsy.  


(But it’s not for me, so it’s ok)

It is called Yarnimals.  She makes the cutest little stitch markers, and they all look like little animals! 


I am sooooo lucky to have gotten a set of these from her when she was my Secret Pal.  They are just super adorable! My personal favorite are the sheep, especially the ones eating grass. Plus they are small enough that they don’t get in the way, they aren’t heavy AND *AND* the small ones?? PERFECT for sock knitting.  I would NEVER have made it through my first sock pattern if it wasn’t for my wee tiny sheep! 

So go visit her site and get to know her, and then go to Etsy and get to know her Yarnimals!!



~ by Brandy on March 30, 2007.

One Response to “Yarnimals”

  1. Those are definitely adorable. They would be fun, except that most of the time I use stitch markers with things on them they just get tangled. I wonder how else I could use them.. hmmm. hehe

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