Another pair?!?!

Well last night I hurt my knee pretty badly, so I had some time to sit around on the couch and work on what I have dubbed “Fiance’s First Socks.”   Not that he hasn’t already claimed some for himself, just that these are the first ones made and designed with him in mind.  It is now almost sundown in Richmond and I have finished one and am 1/3 of the way through the other.  I expect to finish it tomorrow evening around this time.

They are Uber-simple.  I didn’t need him trying to defend his “pretty” hand knitted socks to his friends, but I also wanted him to be proud that the woman he is going to marry can make something so manly just for him.  THE most perfect socks ever to grace his feet (since they are to the exact specifications of his feet and personal sock choices).  I had leftover black sock yarn from the Black Purl socks and some in a nice tan color.   I decided to do black toes and heels and the make the rest of the sock in the tan.  All in stockinette.  There are no big surprises here people.  If you want excitement go someplace else. 


Then I got to the ankle cuff.  Bret will choose an ankle sock over a tube sock anyday, so naturally I decided to do an ankle sock.  I did the cuff in the tan color and had an “Aha” moment.  I did a hemmed cuff, to give the ankle a bit more structure and staying power.  Don’t need those babies sliding off now do we? But to make it fancy: I did the other half of the cuff (the hem part to be turned over and sewn in) in the black. 

I would like to say the finished product is indeed a Manly knitted sock.  Truly a work of art in it’s own right.  He tried it on, proclaimed it’s perfection, and eagerly asked if he could have another to match it.   I cast on right then.



~ by Brandy on March 28, 2007.

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