The Year of the Sock

Well, as much as I so desire to put down the sock patterns for a while and pick up yarn for another sweater.   I do realize that I may be coming into some financial tightness in the coming months.  I have to save money for the wedding, and I’m in the midst of a career change (one that could potentially rock the financial boat with the strength of a tidal wave). 

My new mantra is “I CAN make only socks for 6 months (or more)!” and in my head adding “And maybe frog and re-wind the silk bamboo yarn for the Spiral Cable Turtleneck : Round 2”

Long mantra?  Yeah, at least it’s not you saying it.

I took an unofficial inventory of my stash last night, I may not have an impressive or extensive stash, but I do have a fair amount of sock yarn.  Where did it come from?  Really now,  I didn’t think I liked making socks enough to have this much sock yarn.  But I have enough for probably 6-7 more pairs of socks. 

And we’re not talking ankle socks either.


~ by Brandy on March 26, 2007.

One Response to “The Year of the Sock”

  1. A quick HELLO to my RSC Ring Neighbor.. 🙂

    You’ve been a busy girl!! Can I just say your RSC feb socks look AWESOME! Great job! Now, I wanted to tell you about the new KAL called “52 Pair Plunge” but if you’re trying to cut back… Umm.. well… you know.. I don’t know what to say… except.. NO!! Don’t cut back! If anything I will SEND you sock yarn so you don’t stop!! LOL!

    BTW — I love the other socks you posted as well.. Your knitting is lovely!

    Stop by my blog to link to the “52 Pair Plunge” if you so desire.. it might be fun!

    Ann K.

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