The Secret Socks

I finished the *Secret Socks*… but I don’t feel they’re Knitty worthy.  They’re very very cute, but there were too many mistakes made on them.  I’ll have to tinker with the total design before I’d feel good about sharing them with other knitters.  Plus I’d have to worry about sizing?? That means multiple pairs… That means time away from other projects that I’d like to do more.  Yes, definitely more work to do on them before they’re good enough for all that time spent.

I forgot to bring my camera to work, but I’ll get it during lunch and post pictures then… I will tell you I was flustered inspired by the Arrrrgyle socks, and my best friend Jen LOVES skully things, so I decided to make these for her.  I think she even likes them better since she was a bit worried about the preppiness of the argyle. 

I would like to say… I do not EVER want to knit socks with intarsia designs EVER EVER again.  Knitting socks flat is just wrong in so very many ways.  They get all wonky around the design.  And I don’t like the seam up the back.  And there are too many end to weave in.  Bitch Bitch Moan Moan.

It is now 8:21 am my time… (I’m EST) check back in about 5 hours for the pictures!


~ by Brandy on March 21, 2007.

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