Sock stuff

On my Socks that Rock (“Monsoon” is the name of the colorway, for those of you who didn’t get in… poor babies… and “Inside Out” is the name of the pattern) I have now turned the heel and started on the leg.

***Trying desparately to not give away any details… although everyone should have gotten their packages by now eh?***

I am glad I switched to the larger needles for the hell and leg.  It’s very snug around my leg now.  I think that If I had stuck with the size 0’s, not only would I have broken them, but I would never have been able to get the sock on my foot.  I am concerned for how tight they might end up after washing.   I am making quite a bit of progress.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I finished them tonight.  

*** does anyone else think that the ribbing and the toe look like something that begins with a p and ends with an enis?   Maybe it’s just me…***

I do so love short row heels and toes, I think they are very tidy looking.  Since I don’t have very high arches they also fit me snugly too.  I sometimes find that the traditional heel is a wee bit roomy.  

I know many others have commented on how lovely toe up patterns are, and I have to agree wholeheartedly.  I love them for two reasons.  First, I tend to be very very VERY paranoid about having enough yarn left over for the second sock, so I usually end up making the leg too short in order to allow for extra yarn… After all, who wouldn’t be completely disgusted if they did a whole perfect sock just the way they liked, only to find out halfway through the second sock that they were out of yarn.  There would be much cursing!   Second,  I can graft toes fine, they end up sturdy and I never have any fear that they will work themselves loose.  BUT they always look so damn wonky at the ends.  With the little pokey corners.  And the pointiness.  My feet are NOT that pointy! Ugggh.  I’ve tried different techniques to fix that, and nothing.  I much prefer the rounded toe look of short rows.

The only exception (for the toes at least) was on my lovey shmoopy Pomatomus socks!  No paranoia here!  No sir!  But then, I did tell you that hank I got was enormous.  (Hmmm… I may weigh the remainder of my Pomatomus yarn cake to see if there is enough yarn left over for 2 whole socks, instead of just anklets. )  And somehow I managed to not have the pointy toe!  But I did modify the pattern slightly.  When I got to the toe I was sad to see an end to the pretty twisted stitch ribbing, so I continued it to the veeeery end. not the scaly pattern, just a rib.  It complimented the cuff nicely.  And it made it nice and form fitting. 

mmmmmm….. Have I mentioned how much I love those socks?


~ by Brandy on March 16, 2007.

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