Since I posted “Whatever Happened to Eunny Jang“, my readership has doubled! Mostly based on the search “Eunny Jang” and variations of that.  So welcome new readers, stick around for a while.  I can be witty and charming every now and then.  Sometimes I even remember to put up pictures of stuff! 

I try to be entertaining, but I find myself so often blog stalking the Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl, that I sometimes forget to write about my own stuff.  But you’ll notice if you look at the archive, I’ve been very active on here in the past few weeks. 

I’m really trying to start document more of my own knitting processes. I’m trying to explore my creativity by starting to think up design ideas.  And I may even try to knit them after I sketch and scheme! The excitement!  I definitely need to explore more technique before I come up with anything groundbreaking, but here’s hoping!  Not that I have any delusions that I could possibly come up with something totally new, not after the many ages of time this craft has seen.  I just hope to one day make something pretty, something that I didn’t make from a pattern, perhaps even something that someone else might want to make.

 P.S. I do know that Eunny is back now, I for one, am ecstatic.  Is anyone itching to make her new sweater she just showed off?  I do! I do!

~ by Brandy on March 14, 2007.

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