Setting up Flickr for your viewing pleasure

I’m trying to compile Finished Object pictures into meaningful groups: i.e., by year.  This way I don’t have a ridiculous list of FO’s in the sidebar, and you get to see pretty pictures rather than just try to imagine them.  I’m finding I am missing quite a few pictures of my FO’s (Pomatomus hello!).  I know I took them, now I just have to find them for my assembled cast of characters.  I hope that it works how I hope, with mini pics up in the sidebar, linked to the albums.  I hope for alot.  Me = blog challenged. 

After lunch I plan on coming back with pics of my STR in progress.  I will make a jump so that there aren’t any spoilers for those that don’t want them.

Gee, ya’ll must think I’m such a slacker at work.  Sure I spend a fair amount of time on the internet at work, but I work for the state, so…. that means, with my normal crazy working speed, I still get twice as much done as nearly every other person in the office.  Also, I’m leaving this place soon so, “neener neener.” 🙂

~ by Brandy on March 13, 2007.

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