5 Things

5 things always in my purse :

1. A WIP of some kind (right now, that secret project)
2. my i Pod, though I rarely listen to it.
3. my pass card to get into work
4. A hairtie
5. a pen?  I’m stretching now

5 things always in my wallet (purse):

1. Cash (hahaha)
2. checkcard
3. driver’s license
4. some receipts?
5. That’s it really, I have a VERY small wallet

5 things always in my refrigerator:
1. Milk
2. cheese
3. bread flour
4. wheat flour
5. eggs

5 things always in my closet :
1. A cashmere sweater or 2
2. shoes I’m not wearing recently
3. out of season clothes are way in the back
4. a plethora of skirts for all occassions
5. shoeboxes, sometimes empty

5 things always in my car :
1. satellite radio thingymajiggy
2. speedpass for tolls
3. teeny bit of money… nothing worth actually having
4. random stuff in the trunk
5. water to drink
5 things always on my desk :
1. a plant
2. iPod docking station w/ old battery dead iPod which only works on the docking station
3. stacks of things I don’t want to deal with
4. cell phone
5. post it’s of things I was supposed to remember but didn’t


~ by Brandy on March 8, 2007.

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