An Almost FO

The body of the Shawl Collar Cardigan is finished, and one whole sleeve is finished.  Wooohooo I have 3/4 of a sweater!

I’m anxiously awaiting the astrakhan I ordered Saturday so I can finish this thing.  I left the other sleeve unattached in case the dyelot is too different.  I dread the possibility that I might need to frog part of the finished sleeve to use on the unfinished one, resulting in shorter sleeves.  I’m crossing my fingers.

Also I finished a sock last night, (it’s that secret sock, shhhh)

I shall cast on for it’s mate today **mate… heehee giggle giggle** (I know, you don’t get it yet, but one day I will refer back to this post and all will be clear)

On the homefront:  wedding has been pushed to May 2008.  Still no definite date set as the people we are waiting on seem to be incompetant.  But I am working on new save the date cards, to be completed when we set a date… you see how this hinders me.  But my new colors are pretty! and I’m having fun imagining up new designs for the invites, and place cards and escort cards etc.


~ by Brandy on March 5, 2007.

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