It may sound harsh but really… The brown blob which I have been so excited about? Yeah… I am less that 20 rows from finishing the second sleeve and I have run out of the astrakhan yarn. It said 10 balls, 10! I had ten! But oh wait… I apparently have freakishly long arms which I tried to accommodate. Stupid Stupid knitter. So I added 3 inches to each arm. I’ve discussed this with you all before, how I like my sleeves long. I never thought it would cause this kind of heartache.

I have 3 inches of yarn left and less than 20 rows to go… about 250 stiches for the very top of the arm cap. I am in AGONY.

I went online and found 1 ball of the chocolate astrakhan and ordered it. I am purchasing 1 ball of yarn and having it shipped to me. I am paying over 10 dollars for 1 ball of yarn to knit less than 20 rows with. The color probably wont even match. Why? Because I couldn’t check the dyelot. That’s right. I got cocky and threw away the ball bands as I was working through the yarn. If it doesn’t match I will either shoot myself or have to rip out the other sleeve to make it only 2 inches longer, then I’m sure I will forever hate my sweater because of it’s too short sleeves. Neither of these options sounds good to me. I want to put away the whole thing. But then I’ll have hours and hours of work languishing in the stash room… ughh.


~ by Brandy on March 3, 2007.

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