Ooops, did I do that?

I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was rethinking getting married,  I’m not.  I am totally excited to get married!  All I meant to say was that I do think that “unmarriage” is a much more acceptable lifestyle than it once was.  And that I do see the appeal in it, although, it is not for me. 

The wedding stress has taken a nosedive.  Thank goodness.  We hired a wedding planner, and told her that her main purpose is to keep us inside of our little budget.  She’s wonderful. I love her, if only for her budgeting abilities and her lack of being my future mother-in-law.  This way I can get mad at her and argue with her and not affect my future relationship with Bret’s mom.

The shawl collar cardigan is coming right along, I’ll have finished the left front and started the right front by the end of the day. Woooo! 

I probably would have had more done, but I’ve started a new *secret* project!  *SECRET* SHHH!

I’ll show it one day.  I’m designing it based on another project I’ve seen recently.  I need to finish it and decide if it’s knitty submission worthy.  I think it might be. 


~ by Brandy on February 21, 2007.

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