a very good point

After much consideration of this whole wedding thing, I have discovered that weddings are expensive! Like *wow* expensive.  Like, even with depending on Bret’s parents to take care of flowers and *some* food (I don’t even know how one gets away with offering to pay for “some” food) we’re still looking at spending $10,000+ and that’s with a MUCH cheaper location, crossing our fingers for clear skies, hoping for a free officiant and skimping on decor. 

Susan over at Le Tricotage told me that she and her husband spent about $4000, how I ask?  Please enlighten me!  I am clueless.  I mean it’s about $3000 for a photographer around here! 

I saw this article on MSN today about unmarriage and it is sounding really appealing right now.  I actually wouldn’t have a problem with not getting married (I don’t think… maybe I’m fooling myself)  I think mostly it’s to make my family happy, old fashioned as they are.  There are obstacles to that lifestyle, which are brought up in the article : insurance coverage for your partner being the biggest.  But they’re right, being an unmarried couple doesn’t have the stigma associated with it that it used to.

~ by Brandy on February 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “a very good point”

  1. Are you serious??? After all that, you just give up and decide to be life partners? Why don’t you just have a long engagement and save up the entire time? Or maybe elope (though you have to take me along!)? Just start entering the tons of “Win Your Dream Wedding” contests there are out there!

  2. hey! the $4000 didn’t include the honeymoon. weddings are so outrageous! we got married in a park (really beautiful), reception in an historic home (much less expensive) and had a brunch instead of a dinner. the brunch was about $13.00/person. we only had 60 people at our wedding though…i also did all my own flowers. here’s the site: http://www.freshroses.com/volume.html. they were absolutely beautiful. hmmm…what else – cake was expensive and invites were expensive. i got a deal on my dress because the first one they ordered was a size 4 instead of 14! we hired 2 voilinists who played at the ceremony and at the reception. we bought our own wine and the caterer served it ( a lot less expensive)

    good luck and see you soon! btw- the dog vs. cat thing cracked me up too!! i am still laughing as it is my cat to a tee.

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