More FO’s *Updated*

I finished the Peapod Baby hat to go with the sweater.  The set is super super cute.  I need to find the camera, seriously.  You NEED to see the cuteness.  *the one with the flash is actually closer to the real color for once.  The other is a detail shot.* 



I know, it doesn’t have buttons.  I haven’t been to the yarn lounge or any other button sellers, so it’ll have to go without for now. but it’s not like there’s a baby it’s going to yet any.  I think it’ll be a couple years at least till that goes down.

Also, The Shawl Collar Cardigan is underway.  This is the project which I have been wanting to do since it came out in Vogue Knitting in Fall of 2005!  I started it yesterday morning at about 10 am… and by 10 pm I had half of the back done!  I think that my hands have just been itching to do this project since first seeing it way back when. 

I did notice it’s VERY VERY difficult to check your guage on a nubby yarn like the Astrakhan boucle.  I knitted up the stitches and rows it was set for on the guage and measured it. (Luckily I decided I would start out with a needle size smaller than called for)  It measured up just right.  Here’s hoping my guage stayed the same from swatch to sweater.

I decided not to show pictures of this until it’s done.  Trust me, I’m saving you from immense boredom of the big brown blob.  But be comforted dear readers in knowing that I am having fun knitting it.  The yarn is very soft. And it attracts cat and dog hair like crazy.


~ by Brandy on February 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “More FO’s *Updated*”

  1. That’s looking really cute! My whole stitchmarker thing has gone a bit crazy – I’ve sold a few sets after putting a link on a forum I go onto and everyone is very enthusiastic about them. Now I’m planning an Etsy shop! I’m going to make some stock first – planning to ‘open’ maybe the middle of March. I’ll send you a link 😉

  2. You are so fast! It looks so cute! I’ve always wanted to make this one – I may have to move it up in the list because it’s so cute!

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