A Modern Baby Masterpiece

The Peapod Baby sweater is finished.  Oh my Lord… So. CUTE.  I don’t think I need to tell you fellow knitters that my non-knitting friends think I’m a bit off.   They just don’t see the point in making a sweater for no one in particular, especially when that no one hasn’t even been conceived yet.  I really just love the pattern!  And I’ll hang on to it until the appropriate child comes around.  So ha. 

I’d like to throw in that I’m working on a quilt for my unborn, unconceived child too.  A Winnie the Pooh quilt.  In my head it’s a modern baby masterpiece.  A gorgeous combination of whimsy and keepsake.  I hope that my child keeps it with them like one of my best friends keeps her “Nu-Nu” ( a small, now very lumpy and dingy pillow given to her as an infant. She is now 26) and sleeps with it every night.  In fact, she cannot sleep without it.  It’s cute.  I would like to make something that is so enduringly loved by it’s recipient.

Wedding plans continue to drag.  I swear once the location is chosen it’ll be, dare I say, easy? I mean, right now, I don’t have a dress (I might in a couple of days, but I may not think it’s appropriate seeing as how I haven’t tried it on.)  We don’t have a definite ceremony/reception site.  I think that this would truly expedite the rest of the decisions.  I can’t even make final choices on colors until I know what the place will look like.  AND my future mother in law won’t let me pick a place until I’ve seen every last available site in the central Virginia area.  A wee bit ridiculous.  Especially since she’s not paying for it.  Anyhoo… we think we’ve found a place, cheaper than the first, bigger, more included.  A dream, no?  But we’re waiting to book it (Which terrifies me – what if we lose the date?!?!) But, by GOD, I will have my site reserved by the end of the weekend!


~ by Brandy on February 9, 2007.

One Response to “A Modern Baby Masterpiece”

  1. A couple nice places you may or may not have already considered — Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or Stony Point School (neat old tudor & stone building). And since I brought up tudor buildings, have you looked at Agecroft Hall (has a gorgeous sunken garden) and/or Virginia House (right next door)? Also lovely places. No idea if they rent out for weddings or what the cost would be….

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