Busy bees

The knitting is moving like wildfire these days!

Pomatomus socks were finished almost a week ago, gorgeous!  Those count for 2 weeks.  2 socks, 2 weeks right? 😉 Good, I’m glad you’re coming with me on that.

Peapod baby sweater is about 87% completed (not including the hat…)

 I count separate pieces separately.

I’ve started on the Arrrgyle socks for Jen the BFF. (That’ll be another 2 weeks, hehehe)

So it seems I’m keeping up with my finished object a week trend.  I wonder how long this will last.  Can’t possibly last forever, that would just be amazing.

On the wedding planning side.  I’m now vascillating between big and lavish and up to our eyeballs in debt or frugal but classy and having kids right away.  I think our desire for kids may tip the scales on this.  We’re figuring out the logistics of a cheaper wedding.  In truth it’ll probably end up being somewhere in the middle.  Our dream location was  a bit  a lot over priced, so we sadly decided not to talk about it anymore.  Oh well.  The wedding isn’t about looks it’s about the commitment.


~ by Brandy on February 6, 2007.

One Response to “Busy bees”

  1. Brandy,
    One piece of advice on wedding planning — and this is the ONLY one I’ll give — don’t worry about the spectacularity (word? i dunno.) of the event as much as sharing it with the people you want to share it with. My husband and I opted for a smaller (by current standards) wedding when we got married a about 6 months ago… we only invited about 80 people (including ourselves & the rest of the bridal party) which translated into about 50 guests & the 7 of us up front. We had plenty of time during the reception to speak with each guest individually and we’ve been visiting extended family and friends in a continuing celebration ever since (this summer (potentially) = trips to Oklahoma, Montana, and Colorado).
    SO, in summary–now that i’ve babbled– people over decorations and doodads.

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