Breaking News from the World of the Purl Parables!

I feel like I’ve been gone for ages!  Much excitement!  I have NOT finished the Pomatomus socks, but it looks like they’ll be done tonight,  mere rounds to go on the toe.  They’re gorgeous. 

But much more importantly,  I’m engaged!


Engaged to be married!  ME!!!

 I should have known he was in it for the long haul when he got me the ball winder and swift!  What a darling darling man.

Planning had begun for an October 2007 wedding… and then was halted unexpectedly. *whimper* Seems that without more parental support on his end, we just can’t afford it right now.

We’re still trying to crunch the numbers, but it appears we may have to wait until October 2008.  So. Far. Away.

We’re thinking we might play on their desire for grandkids, and tell them that their grandkids will just have to wait if we can’t do it this year.

Oh well, we’ll still get married, but it might take a bit longer than expected.

And I finally *finally* got the yarn for the VK fall ’05 Shawl Collar Cardigan!  I’ll be starting that soon.  And the yarn for the Pea Pod baby set from Interweave.  And sock yarn for the Arrrgyles…

I’ve been stocking up my stash… Is that like nesting?

~ by Brandy on January 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Breaking News from the World of the Purl Parables!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, BRANDY!!!! What momentous news! Hey, if you really want to get married this year, there are less expensive ways to do it, without all the fanfare, attendants or the big party. Read how Krista did it, here:

    Again – congrats!

  2. Congratulations on your news! Thanks for the comments about my stitch markers – there are a few people on a forum I go on who are wanting me to sell them too! I need to look into this properly I think! I’ll have to make some for bigger needles too 😉

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