By special request of Mary

The bleeding yarn is from Pat Fly at (The only reason I am able to give you this info is because I blogged about the yarn when I first got it… blogs… wonderful things eh?)

I found this particular hank on ebay, but I went to the website. I think I may email her about the dye bleeding on me, but really it is quite lovely sock yarn, some of the better that I’ve worked with. and the hank was ginormous. See my original post on this yarn here.

I’m flying on Pomatomus btw. Wonderful pattern. A bit fiddly when you’re on two circs though, only because you have to be a bit more aware of what stitch you are on. But I wouldn’t trade my circs for dpns ever!


~ by Brandy on January 16, 2007.

One Response to “By special request of Mary”

  1. Thanks for the yarn info, Brandy. Always good to know. I suppose dye bleeding is a risk you take when purchasing yarn dyed by individuals rather than huge manufacturers. But, you also get gorgeous colors, so ya take the good with the bad….

    I remember Wendy of WendyKnits was knitting socks last summer with a yarn that bled on her hands and on the needle tips. I forget what her solution was, but check her early June ’06 archives….

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