Pomatomus and the hands of a knitter

Hi!  I have a treat for you today….

Big Beautiful Sock Yarn :

It is the same yarn used in my header, but the blue/purple color is off in both of them.  And it seems no matter how many pictures I take, the color never ever comes out true to life.  So just believe me when I tell you it’s gorgeous.

I would tell you about the yarn except I remember nothing about it except that it’s superwash wool.  I bought it on ebay ages ago, for an insanely good price for an insane amount of yarn.  I’m thinking I can easily get 2 pairs of socks out of this ball.  It’s hand dyed, and smells delicious (this was confirmed by Bret, aka, the yarn-sniffing boyfriend).




Of course I instantly had it pegged for the Pomatomus socks.  The colors seemed very appropriate.  And let me tell you…  I would be hard pressed to find another yarn that would make these socks look as good as THIS…



I am just loving this pattern.  It’s super fun to do, easy to predict once you get the hang of it.  And I’m not even following the pattern per se.  I am doing it on 2 circs rather than dpns.  I do this for 2 reasons: first, that I don’t have dpns in that size.  Second, because I really enjoy making socks on circs, it’s faster, and there’s way less going on around my hands to confuse and irritate me.

And now I seem to be on permanent center alignment mode.  Alas, blog troubles plague me (am I the onyl one?)

Anyhoo…  As loverly as this yarn is, and as gorgeous as this sock is turning out (I am SO in lurve), there is a little eensy weensy problem.  I find it humorous.  Let me remind you that the yarn is hand dyed.  Well, whoever decided to go about dying this yarn forgot a wee step.  Setting the dye.  I think this is done with vinegar, but I am not sure. Hence the reason I do not dye my own yarn (and perhaps the reasons others should also not dye yarn).  My hands now have the distinct pleasure of being yarn-tagged.   It is obvious to all that I knit like a fiend.  YAY!


If anyone knows how I can set this dye after I’ve knitted the socks, please share this info, as I would hate to lose the gorgeous colors so lovely for the pattern because they just faded away 😦


~ by Brandy on January 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pomatomus and the hands of a knitter”

  1. just somehow stumble upon you blog. it’s lovely. all your FO’s are fabulous. Can’t wait to see your completed equinox sweater! great photos!

  2. Whoa — big change in blog template! Hey – what yarn is that, that bled all over your hands? Do let us know so we can be warned. You might try soaking your socks in a diluted vinegar wash — that may set the colors. Rinse gently but well, afterwards.

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