Another FO?

I’m on a roll… I’m tellin ya…

So it’s not like it was a long and hard project or anything, but I needed a scarf because I get up at the ass-crack of dawn in the morning and it’s still cold out there.   And One can never have too many fashionable scarves right? Right!  Enter a good super quick scarf project. 


Handy Dandy Drop Stitch Scarf?  Meet Cold Neck.

I think you two will get along beautifully.

It was supposed to be a scarf to wear while Screaming Happy New Year in the cold in the Carytown psuedo-Times Square New Years Eve festivities.  But I am not only lazy, I am also one to get tired early.  Probably because of that whole get up early thing. 

Well I didn’t finish it for a week, but that’s only because I ran out of yarn on the fringe and was too lazy to drag my happy and well rested butt upstairs for more yarn.   Well I finally dragged it upstairs and even remembered to get the yarn one day (about 5 days later).  And viola… Loverly chenille warmth for my cold neck.

I did it on size 15’s?  ( I think)  And I doubled the yarn so that it wouldn’t be drafty in the drop stitch.  I works 3 rows in garter stitch and then a 2yo drop stitch row.  It knitted up really fast to say the least.  Bret was amazed at it growing before his eyes.

I wonder if I can keep up this FO a week trend…


~ by Brandy on January 10, 2007.

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