I don’t do resolutions…

I really don’t.  I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago because I felt it was too much pressure to change so much about yourself at one time.  It makes it really hard to succeed at any one thing when you’re trying to do 20 others too. 

For example:  about 2 years ago, on December 19th, I decided to quit smoking.  I managed to do that successfully.  About 2 months later I decided that to combat the weight I was gaining from quitting, I had to go workout.  By this time My lungs were feeling a bit better and I was actually able to sustain a new workout schedule. 

THANK GOD I didn’t decide to do this all at one time.  I would still be smoking and I wouldn’t be able to walk up the one flight of stairs at work without being winded.  At 25… scary huh? 

So now, I just make my decisions and stick to them as they come.  I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, I slip like anyone else.  But now I don’t feel that pressure to succeed, and it come much more easily.

That being said.  I did decide one thing over the long weekend (which coincidentally was our New Year’s vacation),  I will knit more in the coming year. 

It’s not something to improve myself per se, but it is something I love.  And can’t we all use a little more love?

P.S.  I finished the Austermann Step socks… and I haven’t even gotten to wear them.  Bret has claimed them and claims he’ll never take them off again.  Cute.  We’ll see what happens when I have to do laundry again…

Austermann Step Socks


~ by Brandy on January 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “I don’t do resolutions…”

  1. Your socks came out fabulously! I have that same colorway. Great minds…. Come back to TNK!

  2. […] <li>Ribbed Austermann Step Socks</li> <li>Royal Purple Drop-Stitch Scarf for moi!</li> <li>Pomatomus […]

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