Mini-Picturama 2006

A bit o’ Icarus for anyone?


It’s totally and completely gorgeous right?  I would definitely make another on but I feel I should probably make a few more patterns before I go doing repeats.  I haven’t been very prolific with my knitting and I am definitely trying to expand my repertoire.   (I know, me over here with the $5 words.)  I was thinking about continuing my word of the week thingy in the sidebar…   but anyhoo.


Consider this the bad belly shot where I attempt to model and photograph simultaneously.  Too much going on… I completely forgot to suck in my stomach.  But that’s ok, I know Ya’ll are just here for the knitting.


My ever-so-sweet boyfriend got me a ball winder for my birthday (the 18th)  I was so excited! But I had to hide a bit of dissapointment at the time.  I didn’t think he understood that a ball winder needs a swift to really work properly.


But he fooled me… and gave me the matching piece that evening about 10 hours later.  The sneaky devil! 

And there on the table right between the ball winder and swift is my Inspired Cable Knits pattern book from by BFF Vyque!  Thanks sweetie! 

Look forward to goodies to come from that one!


Stay Tuned for Mini-Picturama 2006: Part 2 which will appear after my oh-so-short notice trip to the Big Apple. 

Knitting is coming with me.  I fully intend to finish that pair of socks that I started last friday.  And I’m going to bring the super special Aloe and Jojoba sock yarn with me to start another set if I do manage to finish. 


~ by Brandy on December 1, 2006.

5 Responses to “Mini-Picturama 2006”

  1. hi brandy!
    i saw your shawl on tly blog – oh my god it’s beautiful! we’re all impressed with that and the sweater you finished from interweave! hope to see you soon,

  2. That shawl is wonderful!!
    You really are knitting some amazing pieces.

  3. Yay Presents!

  4. Yay, Icarus! Claudia ( just finished hers as well. Congrats on the new knitting toys. So, what is the yarn that’s being wound?

  5. Your Icarus is absolutely gorgeous!! Great job.

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