Hi, call me stupid…

I thought that although our country is run by a complete jackass, that maybe we, as a collection of people, have moved past the obsolete ideas that some people should be ostracized because of their differences.  Sure, I knew that were alot of people out there who are still closed minded and completely insecure, but generally I thought that tolerance was pretty much broadly practiced.   Apparently I was wrong.

I suppose that it speaks highly that the statistics I’ve looked at show percentages that are at least competitive.  But really?  Are we still so stubborn as to believe that differences in a persons sexual preference makes it okay for us to tell them how they can or cannot live?  It’s like telling someone they can’t eat Thanksgiving dinner because they’d prefer the pecan pie for dessert instead of the pumpkin pie.   It’s an arbitrary decision and has nothing to do with ANYTHING else.  More freakin pumpkin pie for you right? So what do you care?


~ by Brandy on November 8, 2006.

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