Marathon Knitting

I’d say out of the past 24 hours, I’ve knitted for about 16 of them. Nice progress on the Icarus, already into the 3rd of the stockinette pattern repeats. I’m trying to get to the middle of repeat 4 by the end of the night. I’m going cross-eyed. But no matter, I have a goal! I feel like I should be farther along though. I wonder how one goes about speeding up their knitting. I think I’m doing about 35 stitches a minute? Maybe… hold on let me count.

Ok. 31 stitches (but I was purling). No straight knitting to count on this project. Plus I think that I could do it faster with a thicker yarn, This laceweight is kinda difficult. Never really worked with it before. But that’s enough excuses. I shall count again another day.

Check out the progress:
That’s a big change from the night I cast on. Please humor me and tell me that’s alot. I remind you again this is painfully thin laceweight.


~ by Brandy on November 5, 2006.

One Response to “Marathon Knitting”

  1. It’s a lot!

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