The sweet sway of Icarus

I only just cast on for it this evening and I think I’m making a bit of headway. Of course I imagine the beginnings of a shawl always go faster, before there are multiple hundreds of stitches in a row. I’m trying not to get my hopes up about it.
I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll do it again, I simply Love knitting lace. It’s exciting! I enjoy it much more than cables. Maybe the cables I’ve done were just of the not-so-interesting sort. Here’s hoping. With lace there’s always this on the edge of your seat, “oh my goodness, it just doesn’t look quite right, I hope I didn’t drop any stitches, I’d never be able to find them…. *phewww* my stitch count is still right…. Here we go again!”

Maybe it’s just me.

I’ve fallen way out of my love affair with sock knitting. It didn’t last long, 3 1/2 pairs… Hee Hee. The yarn for Jen’s other sock still mocks me when I enter the yarn room. It’s ok, I’ll get back on track one day. But really, how could I resist the call of sweaters and shawls and things of such prettiness that all can see?

Speaking of all seeing, I wore my Equinox to work today. I humbly told bragged to anyone willing to listen that “I made this sweater… yup, all by myself… Oh thanks *blush* It was nothing really… only about 90 hours of work” Really I have no idea how many hours, I think 90 could be about right, so I say 90. Sounds impressive at any rate.

dsc01163.JPGMore about Equinox:
Blocking worked wonders for the equinox. I had never really blocked anything before, but I think I might be addicted now. Even though I did have to rig up something for some ghetto-blocking.

Ghetto blocking:
1 ironing board
good steaming iron
wet/damp pillowcase

dsc01083.JPGStep 1 :Pin peice to be blocked to ironing board with t-pins. You must do this at an angle with the point of the pin toward the inside of the knitted peice or you’ll probably get wonky points on your edges.
dsc01082.JPGStep 2: Put wet or damp pillowcase on top and iron directly on pillowcase on steam setting.
Just for fun… after I let that cool down and dry a bit I re-steamed using only the iron, and I kinda glided the iron over the seater (not touching) just close enough to steam it thoroughly again.
Let dry. Enjoy your loverly gorgeous looking newly blocked item!

It made the yarn drape wonderfully, I think I might re-block a little around the neck.
Things I would do differently? I would make the yoke a bit shorter, the arm holes are a bit large around the underarm area. Also, I would do another decrease or 2 around the neck so it wouldn’t be quite so wide. Maybe make the body about an inch longer. The sleeves which I lengthened by 1 1/2 inches were perfetto!! So mostly my issues are with length, but I am bit wonky shaped. I still love it.

Happy belated Halloween from Figa!dsc01096.JPG

~ by Brandy on November 2, 2006.

One Response to “The sweet sway of Icarus”

  1. Well, the sweater is just beautiful and very impressive! And your cat is a cutie! Did you make the little kitty sweater?

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