Movin on uuuup

Well at least I think I might.

I’m contemplating moving to WordPress. It’s still free and get the impression that it’s easier to work with and manipulate than blogger. And I think that the most recent occurance to push me to this decision is that I could NOT get on here for 2 days, it kept telling me there was an error. So, ya’ll would have known I finished Equinox 2 days ago, but nooooo, the blog gods were being spiteful.

Yep, it’s all done. But no pictures right now and it seems that the only thing I forgot to bring with me to the coffee shop was my camera cable. I tried mentally forcing the the pictures to jump from the camera directly to the computer, but it seems my Jedi powers are far from perfected. Maybe one day. Why isn’t my camera bluetooth equipped? How handy would that be?

Anyhoo… Equinox… gorgeous, fantastic, perfectly fitted. A few minor adjustments were made. I made the sleeves 1 1/2 inches longer than called for. I measured my arms and the numbers they gave just seemed a bit too small for me, plus, I like slightly longer than average sleeves. It worked quite nicely. I shall put up pictures showing where they would have been versus where they are now, just in case anyone was wondering about modifying the sleeves. Also, my gauge was just a teensy bit bigger on one side than the other, but it’s not noticable, the only reason I noticed it was because the lengths were just a bit off when I seamed up the sides. But practice makes perfect right? Next time I’ll know.

Everything is still going well on the Spiral Cabled sweater. I shall speak no more of it, or else I’ll jinx it. So onto the Icarus shawl yarn I bought which keeps screaming at me to knit KNITTTT. I’m resisting starting it til I’m done with the Spiral Cabled thingymajig. We’ll see… I never did claim to have any self control.


~ by Brandy on October 26, 2006.

One Response to “Movin on uuuup”

  1. The software is free, but is the blog hosting also free? If so, I may have to move there myself! 😉

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