Hello my lovlies!

I finished knitting the sweater!!! 2 days ago! I LOVE it. Of course it’s not all sewn up yet, so it’s all hanging open on the sides and sleeves, but the yoke fits perfectly. I’m going to block it this weekend. Gotta go get t-pins, or something equally as useful.
And a steamer… i suppose I could just wet it down a little with water, but the pattern calls for a steamer… I hear an excuse to shop for knitting related items. And we all know once we start we can’t stop. Poor us… ahahaha.

And while I wait for enough time to run to the store for the pins (and maybe some foamy thing to pin it too? Any suggestions here) I decided to try and make up with the spiral cable sweater. I noticed I’ve been knitting tighter now. Hopefully I will just stay this way for the rest of Spiral-Cable, since I bought new needles specifically for that project. This happened because when I started knitting again on the old needles, my gauge was all off (And somehow i thought was different from the last time I worked on it… HA). Anyhoo, I tried other sizes of needles that I had and I was knitting so tightly with the yarn that I actually needed to go UP a size… me… having to use a BIGGER needle. That was a first. But it seems to be working. Knock on wood.

Also, on my needle excursion I purchased a loverly laceweight yarn for Icarus. I’m late on this trend, but I only recently decided I liked it enough to do it. Now, I’m even excited. This is compounded by the fact that Bret and I attended the opera tonight and everyone and their mom was wearing a shawl except me (and none of them, at least not the ones I saw were hand knitted… or even knitted at all.) I so want to make it and show it off next time I go to the opera. So there you hoity toity princesses!

I will attempt to post pictures of the Equinox Yoke before and after blocking. All the ends have been woven in – bad, but truly not as bad as I had expected. – But I am definitely not NOT not giving this to my cousin’s wife as was planned. Not because it was hard, and not because I don’t think she would like it, but because I am so madly in love with it, I just couldn’t part with it. Instead I might make her a bag for her yoga mat using an “inspired by equinox yoke” pattern with the leftover yarns I have. She’d like that. I think


~ by Brandy on October 21, 2006.

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  1. I’m so glad that you decided to keep the sweater.
    I use sheets of styrofoam that came as packing for a kitchen appliance. I have 6 of them (50 x 50 x 2 cm). I find them versatile for blocking knitting.
    I have never steamed, rather washed or misted with a houseplant sprayer.

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