Two sleeves and a body later…

Well, I’ve been knitting bunches lately. But you wouldn’t really know it by my progress. Colorwork takes a long time, really not too much time, but more than usual. And it wasn’t the colorwork that clowed me down, I actually got through that fairly quickly. It was more of the adrenaline let down when I went back to working in the main color that made me slow down. It’s just so boring working in one color after you’re dealing with 2 or three different colors only rows before.
I am very proud of my sleeves! They’re gorgeous, something I would never have guessed I could really do. But I did it. And surprise surprise, the gauge STAYED consistent throughout. *be still my beating heart*
I’ll be putting it all on a circ soon and beginning the yoke. Then it’s just a hop, skip and a few bazillion ends to weave in til I’m done. And I’ve already woven in over half of the ones in the sleeves.
I hope to be done in 2 weeks, like done done. Like sewn and weaved and blocked done. I’m ambitious to say the least.

Also I purchased a MacBook yesterday. I played around with the iWeb feature… how tempting it was to start up a new blog and just redirect you all over there. Pretty templates, super ease of use (or so I experienced with my few hours of playing around with it yesterday) And I almost had a whole new blog set up. Then, I realized, that I was just playing around on the 60 day free trial, and that if I had wanted to keep that blog going, I would have had to pay real actual money just to keep it.
I don’t think that I update this blog enough to warrant paying $100/year for biweekly updates on a blog that not too many people read. I may reconsider. But I haven’t convinced myself yet.


~ by Brandy on October 8, 2006.

One Response to “Two sleeves and a body later…”

  1. Impressive!

  2. I am working on that pattern too! I love it! I am knitting the first sleeve and I have to say it is moving right along….love your blog btw!–>

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