Damnation and Salvation

Did I mention how there would be cussing and crying and general hatred of things knitted if something happened to my sweater?

(Ok, I don’t mean the hourglass sweater, I have yet to actually attempt to wash it out of fear… But I will, in the next 2 days, it has made it to the basement. That’s a big big step.)

No, the sweater I mean is the spiral cable sweater. The back, is beautiful. Gorgeous. the stitches are even and straight and the yarn being twisted the way it is, makes it look as if there are teeny tiny cables running up and down the whole thing. Love it.
The front on the other hand, is the spawn of satan, the demon child of something bad and something else bad… stupid hateful yarn. Really this makes no sense. The front is worked exactly the same as the back, EXACTLY. Well at least til you get to the yoke part where the design starts. But for some reason I cannot CANNOTTTTT get the gauge to match. How? I have no freakin clue. Same needles… One time it ended up smaller… the next time it ended up bigger, way bigger. I had to frog it twice, no three times… because the third time was just a little bit off, just enough to notice with the naked eye. That was quite possibly the most irritating attempt. So close yet so far.

I had to stop the madness…. Maybe I will return to it at some point when the anger has faded.

But I did get the yarn for the equinox yoke pullover. And I would just like the say that for once in months and months, and ages and ages I got gauge exactly… with the needles the pattern called for. It was amazing, I measured it 3 times to be sure. And now that that the back is almost done, and after repeated measurings, the guage is still spot on! What luck, what utter joy and contentment!

****Insert Happy Dance Here****
And I am moving along on it quite nicely too, it’s been 3 days and the back will be finished this evening, hopefully another 3-4 for the front. and then 5ish for the sleeves?? But then… the color work begins, my first color work. Which makes me think… Was it a good choice to START color work on such a sweater? I never was one to back down from a crafty challenge, we shall see.
There is much excitement around here. Minus that damn spiral cable sweater. Stupid hateful thing.

~ by Brandy on September 18, 2006.

One Response to “Damnation and Salvation”

  1. Hey, thanks for the scratch ‘n dent suggestion. I’ve actually been there, back when I first bought my house. I decided to go all out and get the best washer/dryer I could get (and largest capacity, so I can wash blankets, comforters, etc.). Went with the Whirlpool Duet front loaders. The Duet doesn’t use an agitator, though, so if I want to felt something I’ll have to go over to my parents’ house, I guess!

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