I’m dreaming of a pricey Christmas

Is it unusual to spend over $140 for yarn for a sweater you are making that’s not even meant for you?
Becauze I just did that.

It’s the Equinox Yoke pullover from the new Interweave knits. It’s a sweater I really wanted for myself, but I think it suits my cousin’s wife more. In fact it’s so very her that even if i did intend to make it for myself, I would end up giving it to her anyway. Even the colors from the pattern are her favorites.
Now… What do I make for all the other people in my family? I made them all handmade stuff last year. I found out that even if the given gift isn’t perfect for the recipient that just the fact that it’s handmade makes it loved. Lovely? Yes. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? I don’t know.

I say I don’t know because I like making things for myself. I like to spend that kind of money on myself for something I know I’ll love. I’m kind of unsure about doing that for other people. I think I would have less of a problem with it if I knitted faster. I’m fairly fast, but I don’t feel like I get enough done in a short amount of time. I think it limits what I actually finish to a small number of pieces in a year.

(I did finish the hourglass sweater. It’s beautiful! It’s a bit large around the upper arms, but I’m sure it’ll shrink up a bit when washed. I can’t put up any of my own pics right now, since I’m at work, but tonight after I go to the Yarn Lounge I’ll get something up!)

~ by Brandy on August 29, 2006.

3 Responses to “I’m dreaming of a pricey Christmas”

  1. What a great pattern.
    I’m sure that you will enjoy knitting it.
    Is she the same size as you?
    Then at least you can try it on before parting with it.

  2. That looks like a gorgeous pullover. I still haven’t attempted anything ‘proper’ to wear. Just on the last bit of a baby jumper but I don’t think that really counts!

  3. omg – i’m so jealous! i want to make this sweater but am totally intimidated by the pattern! sorry we didn’t get to talk more at knit night. are you going to wed knitting next week? did you finish the sweater from last minute knitted gifts? talk to you soon!

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