Tragedy on the Sweater front!

Remember my beautiful hourglass sweater that was coming along so baeutifully? Well of course my luck had to get in the way. As I was joining on the left sleeve and knitting across the front of what was to be my first sweater for myself (which again I will say was moving right along without a hitch) A hitch made itself known, VERY LOUDLY.

You see, when casting on for this sweater you are supposed to co 97 stitches, place a marker, then co another 97 stitches. 97 for the front, and 97 for the back (for the medium size). Well, somehow I managed to miscount by 10, 10 whole stitches! Seems I cast on for a medium on the backside, but then cast on for a small on the front side. I am a genius. And of course this rather glaring mistake doesn’t make itself known for oh about 12 inches of work. Brilliant… just brilliant. Well I did manage to save the sleeves, but I had to rip out the whole body. Fantastic.
After casting on again and counting my stitches carefully about 8 times, I set out to knit up the body again. ( I now have about 15 rounds worked)
Thankfully the girls at TNK at The Yarn Lounge were very sympathetic. I also got many compliments on my gigantic ball of yarn. Just a hair smaller than a hand all spread out. It is quite impressive really.

On to happier thoughts: The Sneak Preview of the new Vogue Knitting issue, due out August 8th! I am so excited about this issue. As if I don’t have enough on my list of “Planning for” I swear I plan at 5 times the rate of my finishing. I’ll probably be making these items in about 2 years. HAHAHA

This gray sweater from the “Gray’s Anatomy” section, so wearable and versatile! You could dress it up with the button down shirt or wear it alone with jeans! Want, NEED! Other cute stuff in there as well, but I think so far this is my favorite from the collection.
There’s a whole big sock section this time… well I don’t actually know how big since it’s just the preview, but I’m excited that they have socks at all! and how pretty are the long ones with the red viney flowers! Those are really socks to show off!
And I love these too! Do these remind anyone else of the Pomatomus socks from knitty? It’s not just me right? I still love them to pieces. I like the detail on the toes, not your average sock is it?

~ by Brandy on July 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Tragedy on the Sweater front!”

  1. I really thought those WERE the Pomatomus socks – methinks that design is a little too close for comfort!

    I’m glad your sweater is back in progress. That’s the beauty of yarn – it’s reusable!

  2. hi sweetheart – this is cmliu. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your mission falls bid! can you write to me directly? i dont have your email address through the blogger comment system….

    thx ๐Ÿ™‚

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