Sweaters and Socks and kitties Oh My!

Im baaaack. Did you miss me? I know I missed me. I hate to say it but I think I may become one of those update on weekends only type people. I just can’t bring myself to sit at the computer at home after sitting in front of one all day at work. So instead… I knit. Poor me… HAHAHA

First and foremost: the Hourglass Sweater. I have been working on this regularly, very regularly. I work on it all the time. I bring it with me. The only time I stop working on it is when I say to myself “I should probably finish those new socks I started…” since they’re not for me but for my friend who has been very sick. Very bad case of mono. It’s bad, but she’s getting better bit by bit. I thought that socks would help her feel better. I mean, they make me feel better, so why not her too? Anyway, back to Hourglass: I thought I would get bored out of my mind just working in stockinette all the time, but I’ve been enjoying it. It’s one of those projects where I can sit and give my full attention to something but still be working on it steadily. I have, during this project discovered that I can NOT look at my work when knitting. I feel talented.

The socks: well 3/4 of a sock so far actually. But I hadn’t worked on socks for a while and it just felt like something I should be doing. I love this yarn! I got it from the LYS, in this case The Yarn Lounge (which is dangerously close to where I live). Again it’s Wildefoote sock yarn, but in a new colorway…Rhapsody. It’s self patterning in purples fuschias greens and blues. All my very favorite jewel tones rolled into one. I’m really hoping I can make a full pair of ankle socks from one skein, that way I can use the second skein I got to make another pair for myself. WE shall see.

I have also decided to go for dishcloth making. Not exactly a step forward in technique, but a very useful little item. I’ve made 2 now. I used some sugar & cream (is that it?) that I got at Ben Franklin crafts when I went to pick up some stitch holders. Already they have been incredibly useful, and I’ve only had them around for 3 days! Nifty! So fast! Love! Can we say great housewarming gifts?

I have also been un-making. Here you see the completely unraveled Tempting sweater that I made for miss Vyque. It just didn’t fit her properly, I expect I was knitting too loosely, and I will probably have to go down a couple needle sizes to get it right. Also… I’m still looking for a technique to bind off ribbing without it being too loose. I always seem to bind off so that the ribbing is stetched out rather than holding the rib (if that makes any sense at all). Any tips?

And there is a new addition to the family. This is Figa (I call him Figgie) He’s so cute. And totally not my doing. This pet was all Bret’s idea. And my goodness how those two have bonded. I think im getting significantly less lovin’ now that the cat has captured Bret’s attention. But I think it’s adorable how he just smothers Figa with affection.

~ by Brandy on July 22, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sweaters and Socks and kitties Oh My!”

  1. Ahh – such a cute kitty. Great photo!

  2. You got a new kitty without telling me?!?!? More importantly, you got a new kitty without pupils without telling me?!?!?! Ahahahah.

    I miss you!


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